The New At-risk Student: 4-steps to Nudge Attitudes towards COVID-19 Compliance

Many campuses will reopen in fall. Students' willingness to comply with new health & safety rules is a key vulnerability.  Understanding their mindsets around compliance and nudging will reduce at-risk behaviors. Here's 4-steps to boost compliance.

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Gartner stresses value of Higher Ed Nudge Tech: 6 recommendations

Gartner published the Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Higher Education in 2020. The report highlights Nudge Tech--using AI to personalize at scale--and cites Discourse Analytics' work. Learn about 6 recommendations to use Nudge Tech on campus. 

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Three Questions to Vet AI Vendors

For many campus administrators identifying the right problem for AI to target and picking an AI-platform requires working with vendors. We've formulated 3 questions to help assess a vendor irrespective of campus attributes or the challenge at hand.

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Your campus and AI: 6 Questions to Prepare for Success

Artificial Intelligence can be applied to lots of challenges in higher ed. But how do you get started off right? We’ve pinpointed 6 questions to shape how AI is used strategically and operationally on any campus. 


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