The New At-risk Student: 4-steps to Nudge Attitudes towards COVID-19 Compliance

Many campuses will reopen in fall. Students' willingness to comply with new health & safety rules is a key vulnerability.  Understanding their mindsets around compliance and nudging will reduce at-risk behaviors. Here's 4-steps to boost compliance.

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Artificial Intelligence, Higher Education, Higher Ed Leadership, Nudging, COVID-19

Will they Deposit? Mindsets, May 1st and Melt

Second blog in our series showing how one private university boosted deposits by targeting  messages to admitted student attitudes not demographics.

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Enrollment, Summer Melt, Admissions, Personalization, Higher Education, AI, COVID-19

Will they show up? Fighting pandemic summer melt by engaging attitudes

Regional universities have always struggled with summer melt. COVID-19 has made this challenge exponentially harder. This series shows one private's radical innovation: engaging admits' attitudes to recruit for Fall 2020. 

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Enrollment, Artificial Intelligence, Summer Melt, Admissions, Personalization, Undergraduate, COVID-19

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